Now that Jordyn's got a run she ain't ever gonna be the same....

I just spent 15 minutes belting out "Jordyn's got a run" to the tune of Janie's got a gun by Aerosmith, all about the run in my tights that has been growing all day....I honestly find myself so hilarious it's not even funny.

Run awayyyy, Run awayyy from the pain yeah. yeah. yeah

So this morning I woke up in my usual blur of sunshine and smiles. I opened my windows and the birds came tweeting in, perfectly curling my ribboned hair with their short beaks, you know, the usual bullshit. Or not. In all actuality, what really happened is I woke up to a shooting pain all around my nether-est  region (my foot, pervs). I threw off my covers to see what the heck was happening and was met with a foot lightly coated in blood. Super cool. Turns out last night I somehow managed to cut the arch of my foot whilst out, didn't notice and then spent the entire night bleeding out.

It was really cool.

It also made today totally awesome. 

Walking on a cut foot is totally tubular bro.

I call this selfie, which I took to make sure my friends all knew how much was hating my life of course, Look at the pain radiating from my eyes. Someone cut my foot off. Please I beg you. I weep. 

To make it somewhat more bearable, New York City is killing the weather game at the moment. 

Seriously, too beautiful. This two day period between blistering snow filled winds that whip at my face and leave me breathless and the sweltering sweat box that cooks my kidneys as I walk around, is honestly amazing. New York City, we got the bagels, the good public transport and the bar's that go all night buuuut Los Angeles may have us beat on the weather game. 

I'm literally racking my brain for anything that has been happening but honestly if it isn't work, my bed, or a lame dive bar with some lame homies I haven't been doing it....I'm honestly too cool and exciting some times.

Oh I did watch some super weird was literally 2 hours and had zero words. It was all images and clips of different people, places and things and after like 15 minutes I hated the human race. This was probably my favourite clip mainly because I was so fucking confused....

 I watched it with my roommate, Tommy and temporary roommate, Damien and if you read my post about watching Dallas Buyers Club, you would know that it of course ended with my being crushed by boys who are way too good at making themselves at home. Involuntary snug fest 2014.

Ok, but honestly I can feel my pulse in my cut foot.

I'm not about that life.

I'm going to go and cry now.

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