Life is a mess.

I would like to start this post with a personal apology to all those people who are irritated with a humans inability to properly film with an iPhone. I am one of those humans. I have not mastered the art of turning my phone sideways to properly capture the random snippets of generally drunken life that I think deserve to be caught on film. I apologize.

And with that I present to you....a bunch of random clips I found in my video folder on my phone #Imaproblogger.

Fact #1: I'm quick to punch a bitch in the vergina.

Fact #2: I love chicken mcnuggets.

Fact #3: I love Alex.

Fact #4: I'm so accustomed to sibling abuse that I don't even challenge it anymore, just simply ask for some warning so I can put my food down first. 

Fact #5: Getting sunburnt is a great form of weightloss because sometimes it causes you to shed 45 pounds of skin. 

Fact #6: I have a very predominant chicken pox scar I mean look at that thing.

Fact #7: Equality! *Intro to Time of Your Life starts playing*

Fact #8: I'm in an abusive siblingship with my brother. Send Help. 

Fact #9: I love Melanie because she shares my passion for listening to disney music when she thinks nobody is around.

Fact #10: It's important to stay humble and take time out of your day to thank the fans.

Fact #11: New Zealand sheep are cleaner than American sheep.

Fact #12: I can't fit a lot of cheese balls in my mouth.

Fact #13: Peace is everything.

Fact #14: I'm not listening when you speak because I'm too busy staring at my reflection.

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