Music Monday #1

Let's play a random game, I like to call "Song's I've been listening to a lot recently, posted on a Monday so I can use the completely original title of Music Monday"


Slightly odd fact about myself, 90's Silverchair are one of my favorite bands...ever. I grew up listening to Silverchair through my bedroom wall as it blared out of my brothers speakers and at the time I definitely wasn't feeling it at all. I was right in the middle of Spice Girls-mania so of course my only opinion of them was a)they weren't the Spice Girls b) Ohhhh Sam stuck that Neon Ballroom sticker on his bedroom door, Mum is going to get so mad and c) The video for Anthem of the Year 2000 gave me legitimate nightmares. It wasn't until way later when I was 16 or 17 that I even started listening to them properly, and by that point they had long moved away from their grunge roots but alas, I was in love.

Continuing the trend of random facts, when I was a Senior in high school I went through a deep obsession with this song. I have no idea why or where it came from, but listening to it now brings me right back to driving around with an old boyfriend belting it out at the top of my 17 year old lungs. I also loved it because whenever I used to sing it (which was always) it used to really piss my mum off because she hated the song...and I got some joy out of that too.


Aaaand just to spice things up....Another one of my favorite artists! (are you seeing a trend?) I first heard Frank Turner whilst streaming a random BBC radio station (fun fact: UK radio is far superior to US radio) in my room one Sunday while I did a random science report on Brook Trout (I have a really good memory..incase you were wondering.) A little while later when I finally got my license, I found a copy of Love Ire & Song in my brothers old bedroom and for a good year it was the only CD in my car and I listened to it over and over and over and over.....


Last night I couldn't sleep so I literally lay in bed all night listening to Ryan Adams cover of the entire 1989 album on repeat. I honestly think Taylor Swift is amazing in every possible way (let's be friends?) and an entire album inspired by Harry Styles is something I can get behind all day, add Ryan Adams and I'm there forever.


Dream a Little Dream of Me is quite possibly my favourite song in the entire world. I think I realized this when I was randomly googling my queen Doris Day (or should I say one of my queens....I haven't forgotten you Julie Andrews!) and found her cover and fell into a spiral. It's one of those songs that has been covered by everybody and their Mamas (get it? The Mamas & the Papas? I'll excuse myself) but no matter what version I hear it in, I love it...always and listen to it....always.


Do you ever have those songs that you listen to and it automatically brings you back to an exact time and place? This is that song for me. A few years ago, I became obsessed with this song to the point where it never left my ears for more than an hour. The addiction was so strong that every Friday night whilst my friends and I all gathered on my exboyfriends terrace to drink and be merry, I would insist this song played on repeat until the moment the iPod was physically torn out of my clenched fist and the song was changed, much to my displeasure.


.....I just love John Legend....that's basically all there is to that....I also love songs both by and featuring Kanye West in the mid-2000's. I'm not sure when I noticed this specific fact but I think it was when I realized I also really liked his feature on Number One (....the Pharrell song....not this song...obviously) so much so that I told Pharrell that to his face one time #truestory


So this song comes with a story. When I was around 6 or 7, I was in the car with my step mum and this song came on. Simple enough story, except at the time I obviously had no idea what the song was and all I remembered after it had ended was a few key lines she kept singing whilst tapping away at the steering wheel, most specifically"hop on the bus Gus". For years (I'm talking 15 of them) I would sing this melody and few random lines over and over and over again in my head. The song was literally in my head for over a decade, but I never once thought to actually look it up and I didn't remember ever hearing it again. Earlier this year though, I was at dinner with my Mum and brother and I randomly started singing about Gus and his escape vehicle when my Mum turned and quizzed  me, "Ooohh who sings that song?" I shrugged because even after all these years I had no idea."Paul Simon-" "50 ways to leave your lover" my brother finished and after 15 years I finally had an answer.

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