Change is a good thing.

Do you ever wonder what you are going to be remembered for? Were you loud or unequivocally friendly? Unbelievably shy or extremely tenacious? I've slowly come to accept that at this rate, one of my traits is going to definitely reign supreme when people remember my life...

I'm a professional flake.

Now I want to preface this by saying that my flakiness is most certainly unintentional (well...most of the time.) I've come to notice that I'm simply someone who has a lot going on, or I get hungry and forget my plans...or I fall asleep and nap right through them or like...maybe butterfly flutters by and I wander off in search of it. It could be down to a number of reasons but when you reach a point in your life where people just expect you to not show up, maybe it's time to change. So I've decided to make a list of five things I genuinely, wholeheartedly promise to improve on!

Now obviously the first thing on the list is my flakiness. I don't want to be that friend that leaves someone sitting at a bar for an hour waiting for me, or who opens their phone to 45 angry text messages and 3 strongly worded voicemails. But I'll even do you one better...

2) I promise to make an effort to make plans. This has been an issue my entire life, when it comes to reaching out, I'm pretty crap. I've always been that friend who bobs along to the beat of my friends drum. I love spending time by myself, doing my own thing, so when I don't have plans I'm generally quite content to go about my business. I've come to realize that this isn't always fair to those around me. It shouldn't always be up to others to make the first call,sometimes I should be the one to reach out first.

3) I promise to not order from Seamless more than twice a week! Now for those who know me, this is a huge deal! As previously documented, I've been trying to teach myself how to cook and to say it has been a mission is quite an understatement. More often than not, I'll end my cooking venture annoyed and frustrated and a short 30 minutes later my Seamless order arrives, cooked food in the trash and money wasted.

4) Push myself a little more. I've noticed that I'm the kind of person that falls into a routine very easily. I get comfortable doing the same thing with the same people, going to a job I don't necessarily love and rotating back around to do it again. I am moving to California very shortly, and this one is more of a goal for when this happens but why start then when I can start right now. I want to promise myself to try things that I am interested in and follow those trials through. For example I started doing barre classes a while back and loved it, but a few weeks later I stopped going and my interest had faded away, why? Because I get lazy and comfortable. I want to snap out of this habit. I want to take my interests and follow them through, with no real destination in mind. I want to be a person who has true hobbies and things they enjoy other than taking naps, going to brunch and eating Mexican food while checking out dads.

5)Organize my life. My entire life I have always been a very organized person trapped inside the body of a complete mess. I've always wanted to be that person who had it all together, the person who had 3 smaller bags insider their big bag to compartmentalize their life....instead I'm the person who shoves it all in a pile and hopes for the best. The worst part is, when I keep a tidy apartment and try and stick to a schedule I actually feel 20x better. So that is my final resolution, to find order in all of my madness.


......wish me luck.

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