A person is a person, no matter how small.

It's 1am on a Monday morning and my mind wouldn't shut off, so I'm writing you this through heavily lidded, tired eyes with a sleepy brain. I apologize, even before I begin, for the poorly worded ramble that is about to commence but I'm tired in more than just the physical sense. I'm mentally exhausted with the hatred that lives within some people and so in an attempt to relieve my mind from the constant mental asskicking I present to you...

Reasons why Jordyn can't sleep tonight: Shitty People Edition

1) Donald Trump

When I heard Donald Trump was running for office, I laughed. I laughed because I thought everybody would laugh along with me and within a few short days he would have packed up his lawn signs and went back to Trump Tower to count his billions. I have since stopped laughing. 

What disturbs me about Donald Trump's campaign is the validity he has brought to every ignorant, hate-filled, racist person that lives within this world. He has told them, that they are not alone in their backward thinking and suddenly their feelings are ok. 

2)Nicole Arbour/ "Dear Fat People"

I am late to this party. While most people were showing outrage at the "Dear Fat People" video uploaded to Youtube a week ago, I wasn't even wasting my time in watching it, for I knew the title had told me enough. After a few days I finally looked it up and the result was as predicted, it bummed me out.

I found the video uncomfortable to watch because not only was it just an awkward attempt at humor, it was also simply an unnecessary attack on other people shielded by a premise of concern. I'm not the PC police, I do feel the world can be a little tightly wound sometimes but this really got under my skin.

It was simple hatred in video form, beating other people down in an attempt to gain viewership. I googled the girl responsible and found out that she was in her 30's, not a dumb teenager with too much time and opinion...a grown ass woman. 

3)Seth Rogens Twitter

I'm not sure how exactly I ended up here but earlier in the week I had noticed Seth Rogen retweeting a lot of the hatred he was getting. I'm not sure what exactly he said, if anything at all, to gain this hatred and honestly it's not these comments that drill into my core so deeply. It's the reaffirmation that these people exist, and they exist in force.  I scrolled through twitter after twitter and read for hours the things people were saying. Throwing names at people they had never met, debating about issues and topics they didn't know anything about, and simply just being shitty people with shitty opinions and ideas.

I once read a quote that made me happy, a quote about each generation becoming more and more tolerant but right now I'm not sure it's true. Right now it seems as if for every Mother Teresa that sprouts amongst us, 5 more Donald Trumps shift to block them from the sun.

It's late and I'm tired, but with this final sigh I must finish this post in the light with one simple note, be a good fucking person and when in doubt summon your inner Malala Yousafzai, that young girl got shot in her fucking skull, and she still had no hatred in her heart for the man who did what exactly is your excuse?

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