I'm not ranting about Kim Kardashian...I'm ranting about the people ranting about Kim Kardashian.

Dear everybody who wouldn't shut up about Kim Kardashian,

There are people in the world doing amazing things, achieving actual goals and succeeding at mastering real skills. There are so many things so worthy of your time, whether they be people,places or things.A woman getting naked, especially one who has gotten naked on various occasions and has only ever presented that as her singular talent, is not worthy of this much of your time.

The internet is an amazing thing, it can do so much. Do you want to learn a new language? Cool, the internet can show you that. Too deep? Do you know you can watch every episode of Friends right now by simply clicking a few buttons? That is an amazing TV show! And yet you are spending your time arguing with people you don't even know about someone you have never even met.

Re-prioritize people. 

Procrastinate better.


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