Girl.. I know you want this dickkkkk.

It was my last night in Arizona and I realized I had zero blog footage....this ensued. Also, I'm quite intoxicated and would love to order food right now but guess what, ARIZONA SUCKS. I JUST WANT PIZZA. THIS IS SO DEPRESSING.

We burned shit.

At one point in the night, Tums were passed around like Candy....Arizonians are odd.

Finding Shit to Burn 101

Bass mouth...apparently it's a thing

Sparklers? Don't mind if  I do...ever. 

Finding Flamable shit is surprisingly hard!

"I have a topless picture of your girlfriend I wouldn't upload it."
Brother: "Fuck it, why not!" 
Side note: Sam doubted her ability to the burn shit lifestyle....homie tore of her shirt and burned it....I'm her fan 100% because of that. 

Word Bird.

I'm drunk and hungry and so disappointed in the Tucson's ability to deliver me drunk shit.


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