Technology is ruining the world.

Saturday August 2nd resolution: Disconnect. No really, this grinds my gears. Just look at how sad, sad moving Jordyn picture is.....put your fucking phone down.

I would just like to clarify that I'm not talking about the evil machines getting too powerful, surging and slowly murdering us all ala' dolphins in that episode of the Simpsons (I think about that episode a lot....horrifying...but off topic!)

I'm talking about the digital world weeding it's way into our brains and controlling from the inside out. I just sat waiting for a friend, my phone was in my bag where I try to keep it most of the time and I was looking around the restaurant just kind of studyin' people (I do that a lot.) Seven people were on their phones, and four of these people were sitting across from another. It made my blood boil. Sure, I'm pro-do what you want, but I'm also pro-hey see that person sitting across from you? You are here with them for a reason, but your phone down!

Relationships on any level were not designed to cope with technology. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I am an introvert by nature. When I'm away from you, it's because I want to be away. I don't want to be in contact with anybody 24 hours a day, it's not because I'm shady, it's because I don't want to be around another every waking second. When I don't answer my phone, it's because I'm busy or I simply don't want to talk. Yet now that notation has become offensive. We have become accustomed to another always having their phone on them, that to not be instantly appeased when you reach out to someone is offensive.

It makes me mad, how addicted everyone is. When I'm with someone, on any level, I want to be with them and I want them to be with me, so put your fucking phone down and actually listen as I answer your question.

My number one pet peeve is when I'm having a conversation with someone and they are too busy texting. I didn't even notice it annoyed me so much until I met my roommate. He is the worst offender, you will ask him about something to do with him, he will answer wholeheartedly and then ask you about yours  and whilst you answer he will text. Why ask the question if you don't care for the answer? It annoyed me so much that first time that now whenever it happens I just stop talking. I even quizzed him the other day about what I had said....he didn't know.


So my new resolution?

When you talk, I will listen.

I wouldn't try and hold 50 conversations with others through my phone, I wouldn't scroll or comment or favourite or like. I'll listen, because it's polite and because if I ask you a question it's because I genuinely care about the answer.

I'm a habitual phone misplacer. I leave it everywhere, and I never truly miss it. I don't need to be plugged in 24 hours a day, I don't want to be talking to someone every second of every day, I hate technology. I'm even starting to think my brain does it on purpose, pining for the day it gets away from electronics.

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