4 am ramblings of a borderline crazy person...


  • Isn't it bizarre that one half of the year is cold and the other hot? Now I grew up in Western Australia, where the summers were hotter than all hell and the dead of winter was (according to wikipedia) an average of 55 degrees which is actually down right balmy. But ignore that and focus on the initial problem...half of the year it is hot...half of the year it is cold....I can't even go into further details because  thinking about that just makes my mind drift off into some black hole of obscurity....the world is weird....what else is weird you ask? The fact that we lay motionless for a few hours every day in order to recharge like some janky iphone....WE LITERALLY DIE FOR A FEW HOURS EACH DAY....That shit cray. 

  • "When I picture you getting ready in the morning I picture you blasting Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit and just getting pumped to not take anybody's bullshit." So accurate.

  • I have decided I really want to be one of those badass 80 year olds who bungee jumps naked and does marathons and swims with sharks...but I realize to be one of those people in my 80's I should first be one of those people in my 20's...and I'm really lazy....and I'm afraid of maybe no.

  • My mum recently downloaded some weird app where you watercolor your pictures and now she insists on sending me weird watercolors of my own cracked out face looking like the joker....Thanks mum.

  • I met the love of my life in the Apple store the other day. He was literally everything I look for in a human being and then we went out and got a drink and I realized that everything I look for in a human is so very skewed and I should probably just reevaluate my life. Still cute though Mason!

  • My boss really likes to make sure I'm staying all times...

  • My friend sent me this the other morning....I have never related to one single photo more in my entire life....

It's hard out here for a pimp.

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