Oh Guy Fieri.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Recently I've been watching a lot of Guy's Grocery Games. It was discovered one hungover Sunday, and now I can't control it. Guy Fieri curse you and your addictive, three lettered, hunger inspiring tales. 

"Sorry I really can't stay long I have plans..." I exclaim mysteriously as my friends accuse me of some torrid affair....little do they know...JT +GF= 4EVA.

It's a really horrible addiction I'm forced to balance with my overcrowded work schedule, obsessive friends and strong desire to spend hours looking at puppies online...

It's a really hectic schedule, made only increasingly more difficult by the fact that I'm aging rapidly (it's my birthday next about those puppies...I like Great Danes...) and can no longer fight off sickness, hangovers or sleep deprivation like I used to. Which results in plenty of painful mornings and....well....these kind of texts...

Old age isn't cute.

Oh and how is the cooking going I hear you ask?

Let's just not talk about it...

Different, yet exactly the same.

Monday, July 6, 2015

(In honor of being 12)


When a cranky eight year old Jordyn used to complain about being so tiny, she was told to not be sad at what she was because time would go so quickly. Two blinks later she would be all grown up.

A few weeks ago I gathered with some of my longest friends. It's an odd statement to make, because I could of sworn it was just yesterday we were introduced, yet here we were ten blinks later. We used to spend every day together, just silly 11 year olds who spoke with the voice of false experience. We had our snow globe life completely figured out, before swiftly throwing it up into the air and having it come down with a crack.

We all left that snow globe; leaking out in different directions, towards different cities and down different paths. Months upon months would swirl by in our new worlds but every year we would make it a mission to reassemble in one form or another. 

This time it was different.

We weren't simply hanging out to reminisce and reconnect, we were gathering at the beginning stages of each others next step. To celebrate graduation and change, we were linking arms to pull each other on to our next chapters.

Moving abroad or across the country, going to law school, or jumping feet first into a bonafide big girl career in the big city...we were all taking steps towards our next phase. 

As I drove away that day, slightly (very...) pink from the sun and full of happy memory, I thought of those little girls we once were, bigger than our boots and over confident on life, speaking of the future as if it was forever away.  Now we were so much different, yet exactly the same. Those same young girls but now we had confidence by the hands of experience, closeness by the hands of the past and opportunity by the hands of all we were. 

and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Back on the wagon.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Not dead.

So for some odd reason toady saw an influx of traffic to this little site of mine and I thought I ought to let it shine. It's been four whole months since my last post so I'm not entirely sure why yesterday caused so many of you to stop by, and in all actuality it could have been my Mum simply refreshing the page a million times, who really knows.

But alas, I felt the need to update.

Once upon a time my biggest struggle in life was finding the perfect balance between staying out until 4am, while at the same time being able to make it through the work week. I was young, I was fun, I was exhausted. I've now traded in those struggles. My 7 day a week party schedule has traded to that of 2 at most, and now my biggest struggle is teaching myself how to freaking cook. Still young, not fun, more exhausted.

What I have learned so far is that cooking is hard and adulthood is a myth.

So yes, this is why I haven't been writing. I've been too busy setting off my smoke alarm and eating really awful sweet potatoes.

I'll try and do better.