So how was your day?

Taken from my bed....I'm not in prison. I just have this nifty little flower window basket thing...I'm done explaining myself to you!

Oh good morning boys. You bought the digger today I see.... and your jack hammers? Splendid! Who needs sleep anyway! Oh and you shut my water off for the 12th day in a row? No problem at all! I honestly love brushing my teeth via a water bottle I stored at the back of the fridge because THIS IS THE 12TH DAY IN A ROW AND I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON!

Over it!

As you can tell my day started off amazingly....I awoke at the crack of dawn to the sound of the birds chirping loud construction workers and their even louder construction equipment. I was fully refreshed of course after my 3 hours of sleep. Curse you body clock!

I decided I should really dress for the occasion 

I call this look black lips to match my cold dead heart and the giant bags that have taken up residence under my eyes. My landlord asked me if I was feeling ok when I walked past him this morning, obviously my strung out look of utter exhaustion is going down a treat!

I then proceeded to spend my train journey listening to two girls discuss Chipotle Guacamole for 20 minutes....relentlessly....1200 seconds of Guac talk....I thought they ran out of steam at a couple of points during the debate but boy did they prove me wrong!

After shooting some espresso directly into my veins, I was lucky enough to spend the next four hours organizing shoes.....because if there is something I love!

       I call this picture- Shh I'm hiding in the shadows behind a fortress of footwear....snitches get stitches. 

Luckily for me, I got to leave before insanity truly set in and I hastily made a beeline straight towards the bar because if there is one thing I truly excel at, it is getting from work to alcohol in record time!

Another thing I'm good at? Getting free Subway cookies on my way home from said bar. Thank you kind Subway man for being the highlight of my day! I knew looking like I was dying would come in handy for something!

Another highlight of my day? My roommates words of wisdom. Love, relationships and the pursuit of happiness, this kid is good for it all.

Complainy-Complainerson. OUT!

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